Tuesday, September 24, 2013


With the introduction of ELLE Australia this week, its easy to forget that there are other titles out there that are already established, securing huge audiences each month. Marie Claire, despite many a magazine reader thinking its far from the best magazine on sale is consistently securing the number one spot in terms of circulation and readership with females (and the odd male) interested in fashion. Not the biggest fan of the magazine myself, there are a lot of reason to like the new issue, with the main reason being the beautiful Gwyneth Paltrow gracing the cover. So yes, its another Gwyneth cover, buts its a bloody good at that. So what exactly did w learn about Gwyneth? Heres the Wintour&Guinness highlights.

When it comes to her beauty regime.... I have turned forty and I want to preserve my youth, or, to put it a better way, to be the best in my forties. Her beauty regimen has remained the same over the years. I use soap, water and moisturiser. I'm a big believer in a hot washcloth at the end of the day. 

What are her fashion must haves? Well I've seen a lot of pretty white dresses with a lot of tailoring. I just bought a white leather jacket, which is cool. I'm looking forward to exploring this white theme, but staying within my own style.

On what her children eat daily... My daughter Apple, is vegetarian, so she always asks me for the same thing: pasta, mash potatoes, hummus, a chilli vegetarian dish I make with beans. Moses would only eat chocolate if he could, he loves fish and my famous turkey burgers. 

The best advice she has ever received... One piece that really stands out was given by a friend - an older man. He said that in relationships he tried to focus more on understanding than being understood. I thought it was very profound.

For more Gwyneth and a lot more check out the latest issue of Marie Claire available at all good newsagents now. 


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