Monday, September 23, 2013


A few years ago I was living in London, working for IPC Media and earning pretty much less than any other educated person in the UK. It was disgusting how little I was on and the idea of buying a magazine every month really was a luxury I couldn't afford. Looking back, I honestly think my love affair with magazines began back in 2007/2008 and over the last few years I have amassed quite a collection both in Australia and back home in Ireland. My poor father spent a whole afternoon moving boxes and boxes of magazines from my old bedroom to the attic over Christmas last year and I honestly thought he was going to burn the lot due to the vast amount of boxes and the sheer WEIGHT of them. 

Anyway, back in 2008, I remember walking into a newsagents in London and seeing Vogue Australia for the first time. I had been to Australia before, spending a month for my 18th birthday along the Gold Coast. I loved it and the allure of Vogue Australia was immense. However at nearly twenty quid sterling, I could eat for a whole week or buy one issue Vogue Australia. Carrie Bradshaw I wasn't and the allure of pizza and chips from Sainsbury's was far greater at that time. Plus, being honest I feared what my boyfriend, who also moved to London with me might do if he knew how much I had spent on a single magazine. 

A few months later and back in Ireland, I started working at Social & Personal magazine in Dublin and around the corner along Dawson Street was the tiniest of shops selling a great selection of magazines. One magazine it stocked was Vogue Australia. It cost roughly $9 each month to buy and from that very first issue I bought - I was hooked. On the last week of each month, I raced each morning to see if the latest issue had arrived and when it did, I would hit Starbucks, order myself some sugary latte concoction and hang out for an hour or two soaking it all in. I loved the magazine and I become obsessed with the team behind it. Kirstie Clements for me, was the editor of all editors and I loved reading her opening letters each month. The magazine injected so much light and sunshine into the dullness of the Irish weather and long before I had even decided to move to Australia, I was in love with the lifestyle, the effortlessness of Sydney style, the grittiness of Melbourne, Dion Lee and Josh Goot. I used to watch Australia's Next Top Model whenever it was on Irish TV, mostly likely three season behind and the best episodes were all those that featured Kirstie judging the contestants. 

When I decided to move to Australia, I studied the magazines I had built up and began to visualise my chic beach-side lifestyle that I would have living there. All the places mentioned in the lifestyle sections were ingrained into my mind and settling in Port Melbourne, I look out my window each morning or lean across my balcony, breathing in the sea air and think how crazy it is that I am here. 

When Kirstie was let go from Vogue Australia, I for one for devastated. No matter how much its been revised, revamped or repackaged, Vogue Australia will never be the same. It will never have the same humour, warmth or Australian-ness that Clements brought to it. 

I remember having breakfast with Fashion Illustrator Megan Hess recently at our local cafe when the topic of Kirstie came up and I was delighted that it turned out that Megan was doing the artwork for Clements second book since I was such a huge fan of her first, The Vogue Factor. Set to drop in the first week of November, I hope we get to see a lot more of Clements in the media to support the launch. It was great to finally meet her a few months back at the launch of The Vogue Factor here in Melbourne and if the book is anything like the first we are all for a cracking read. For more info on the book check out the blurb from Random House below and make sure to order your copy at your local bookshop soon. 

Following on from her bestselling The Vogue Factor, Kirstie Clements' Tongue in Chic is a witty and salacious exposé of the world of glossy fashion magazines—a tell-all by the ultimate insider. 

True events revolve around the fictitious Chic magazine—where an average day involves counting calories (preferably other people's), masterful justification of spending half an annual salary on a blue fox fur, and keeping a kohl-lined eye on the competition.

Tongue in Chic delivers an eye-opening account of all that is tantalising and addictive in the crazy world of high fashion.



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