Friday, November 22, 2013


It's been a busy seven days in the world of Wintour&Guinness. Last Friday I received two media tickets to the launch of Taste Of Melbourne which was held on the edge of Albert Park Lake, so leaving the agency late after a hectic day I made my way down to the venue to catch up with Kevin and our friend Ciara who we met along with her friend Susy at the international beer tent listening to a producer discuss the various ginger beers available in Australia, then to a hippy Brunswick guy discussing the health benefits of Kombucha tea. 

We left to wander around the grounds perusing the various stalls, taste testing everything on offer before settling on our dishes of choice. Both Kevin and I opted for the grilled lamb skewer from MoVida. Tender, juicy and accompanied by a rather generous bit if focaccia bread, we then moved onto Huxtable where Kevin ordered the ribs. I only had a small taste but the charred exterior complimented the sweet - melt in your mouth interior perfectly. 

Deciding against another main dish we finished our food tour along the independent producers. Hitting the Tasmania tent, Ciara and Kevin thought it would be fun to try oysters for the first time. For me it was hilarious, however it was anything but fun for the other two. Let's just say I don't think either will be hitting the oyster stand anytime soon. Excitedly we rushed to the Clonakilty stall which had the beautiful aroma of black and white pudding wafting from it. For anyone not familiar with Clonakilty pudding, oh how you are missing out. I won't go into exactly what it's made from but believe me when I tell you it's divine. I could live on the stuff forever. Smashed on a thick slice of toast with another irish staple - Ballymaloe Relish and that's me sorted for life. 

Before leaving and it being Friday I thought one deserved a little treat for all the hard work that week and I ordered a homemade Oreo ice cream sandwich which tasted like nothing I've ever had before. Smooth vanilla ice-cream with Oreo crumbs throughout, sandwiched between two giant Oreo style cookies. It changed my life. 

Saturday morning consisted of two gym classes with a coffee sandwiched in between. I have been doing a lot of Les Mills gym classes lately such as body attack, body pump and grit strength with the latter being my favorite at the moment. Gym done, it was off to brunch with my boys Jarrod and Darkus at Coin Laundry in the swanky suburb of Armadale. I hadn't been back there since my birthday but it was just as good this time as it was back then. 

The rest of the day was spent like this. Topman, grocery shopping and binge watching the latest Downton Abby series. Sunday pretty much mirrored the day prior however this time we opted for brunch at Balderdash with our English pal Ben. That place is so good. It's a must for any coffee lover. 

Back to the office on Monday the week flashed by before me until I realised it was Wednesday. I started wednesday catching up G who previously worked at the agency. We grabbed a few coffees and food in Lorca cafe which is situated on Degraves Street in the city. G, like myself is Irish living in Melbourne so its always great to spend some time with someone with the same good sense of humour. 

I was invited with a small group of people from the agency to the MCN Upfront event for 2014 showcasing  the top new content that will be shown on Foxtel next year. The event was originally pencilled in to take place in Richmond, at a home featured in the current season of Grand Designs Australia however due to a residential dispute between the owners and their neighbour, the event got moved to Comme which luckily for us was right around the corner from the agency in the heart of Melbourne CBD. 

Going through the content for next year we were shown some clips from key shows such as The Crazy Ones and The Real Housewives Of Melbourne, the latter coming out early next year on Arena. We dined on seafood bisque to begin with and confit duck for main, washed down with a few lovely glasses of wine before hurrying ourselves back to the office.

Its Friday evening and I could think of nothing better than sitting down to watch a movie with Kevin and chill out before the madness of the weekend begins. 

What will you be doing? Let me know. 


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