Thursday, November 28, 2013


I recently had a coffee with a friend and we laughed about the difference in rituals one has upon reaching a holiday destination. My friend told me how it's imperative that the bags be unpacked, clothes hung up in the wardrobe, shoes nicely laid out and cosmetics placed, in correct order along the bathroom counter ready for each upcoming day. This couldn't have been more different from my recent experience on the Gold Coast. You see for me, the idea of organising my luggage was a secondary concern after finding the local coffee shop. And not some generic coffee shop, I needed a Melbourne style coffee and fast. Priorities are clearly very different in the Coughlan household. 

Whist staying along the Gold Coast recently we had booked a lovely apartment in Broadbeach for what I assumed was the entire trip however it later turned out that I would later move to Southport to stay at the Palazzo Versace as a surprise. Hitting up the Urbanspoon website to get an idea of what I was playing with, I was directed to a place called just around the corner, literally 2-3 minutes walk from the hotel called Elk Espresso. Initial thoughts were positive, trendy people, check, trendy fit out, check, good menu, check. It seemed like we were onto a winner here. 

To cut a long story short by the end of the week it turned out that we were there nearly every single day for either coffee or breakfast, the place was that good. The first trip was actually for lunch and we both ordered seafood salads, Kevin's with scallops and mine with grilled salmon skewers. My fish was beautiful, perfectly cooked and dressed in a fresh, zesty vinaigrette whilst Kevin's scallops were buttery, melt in the mouth smooth. The coffee was also really good, however we noticed that the locals loved their coffees extremely hot which we found peculiar since the weather was so hot that week. 

The next morning after a long run from Broadbeach to Main Beach, I decided to try out the breakfast menu at Elk, ordering the scrambled eggs, sourdough toast, house rosemary and pork sausage and goats cheese. Boy these guys are good. Check em out when your up on the Gold Coast next. 

Elk Espresso
Address: 16 Chelsea Avenue, Broadbeach, QLD 4218
Telephone: (07) 5592 288


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