Friday, December 20, 2013


Ladies & Gentleman, living in Australia you might have seen comedy duo Hamish & Andy wearing tuxedo tracksuits on their recent TV series. It’s a trend that is growing in popularity worldwide and a new fashion brand based in Ireland is bringing this trend to the masses. I recently caught up with one of its co founders Chloe Arnold for a chat about this new fashion brand and to ask her, what exactly is Traxedo all about?
So Chloe, what exactly is Traxedo?
Traxedo is basically a mesh up of the classic black tie tuxedo and a sporty tracksuit. Combined you have what we call the ultimate take on "smart casual" and taken it to literal extreme!
Can you tell me how Traxedo come about?
Jonathan Hughes, Adam Fleetwood, Ian Murphy and I have all known each other since childhood and went to school together. Combined we have a set of skills and experience in fashion, sales, IT and marketing, as well as all having a passion for having a laugh. We don't take life too seriously and we loved the idea of dressing up and also being comfortable and so Traxedo was born...a fun run Irish company.

Can you take us through the range and what people can expect from Traxedo?
We have developed a vast range of colours including the classic black and white, red, pink, green, blue and some limited edition wacky colours and pattens that will be revealed online throughout the year. We get orders from people wanting them for stag dos, hens, festivals, fancy dress, someone even got married in one, so there is a huge appetite for a brand like Traxedo.
Our blue Traxedo are proving to be popular with Leinster fans for up and coming matches, our red ones are being ordered for Christmas parties, our green ones are popular for our patriotic punters for Ireland and GAA games and our pink ones are becoming popular with the ladies. Not only that but we also have mini Traxedo for kids aged 3-9. We have had many sales to parents who's children can't stand to be put in formal wear for events such as weddings and communions so with a reluctant smile on their face and a happy kid they at least get to show some effort whilst looking the part but being able to run around and get mucky throughout the day. Bingo, everyone is happy!
With past summer festivals they proved very popular and of course the ultimate excuse to dress up, Halloween, Traxedo are sure to get people talking whilst Looking like the ultimo hipster at the party! Watch out people, the tracksuit has evolved!

The guys at Traxedo are delighted to announce that pieces can be purchased worldwide on their ecommerce website, so take advantage of their 50% sale on certain colours for a limited time only.
So don't take life too seriously and grab a Traxedo today.
For more information check out the Traxedo website here.


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