Thursday, December 19, 2013


What is with Marie Claire Australia this year? Not only has the editorial within the magazine been as bland as a box of Kellogg's Corn Flakes but the team behind the magazine have been rather lazy in their choice of magazine covers for two of their issues this year. For a magazine that is so popular in Australia with females 25-54, its astonishes me every time I flick through an issue that they are one of the biggest titles in Australia ahead of titles such as Harper's BAZAAR, Vogue Australia and even newbie ELLE Australia, who's editors Kellie Hush, Edwina McCann and Justine Cullen, to me are far more visionary about their respective titles. Although its normal for titles such as BAZAAR and Marie Claire to lift stories and photo shoots from their international sisters, I find it very odd that a popular title like Marie Claire would blatantly lift a cover image from a competitor brand, regardless of it being the British version. Above is the November issue of Marie Claire Australia which is the exact same as British Vogue's May cover. In the age of the Internet, digital magazines and international magazine subscriptions, I find it baffling that a title could be so lazy to do this. 

Its been a few weeks since all the chat online about this issue and well what did Marie Claire do for the January 2014 issue? They used another image taken from a Vogue UK shoot. Seriously what is going on guys…..


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