Tuesday, December 17, 2013


                                                                                                                                                            If I am being completely honest, the idea of shopping makes me nauseous. You may laugh at that and think how can someone who writes and comments on fashion hate the idea of shopping. Well, let me explain. I love the idea of shopping for accessories, bags, cosmetics or skincare but the idea of shopping for clothes leaves me in a cold sweat. I find it so hard to find the kind of clothes that I like, that suit me and my personal style. Add to that my awkward shape and size and finding those tailored chinos or blazer off the rack is a complete nightmare. So thank god I found Bonobos recently. 

 Bonobos has simplified shopping for every man and have created a fantastic Christmas shopping guide: The Man-tastic Gift Guide. For those of us here in Australia who may not be familiar with Bonobos, it is an upscale brand for stylish men that want well-made, tailored products, and they pride themselves on the fit of their clothing. The brand started in 2007 online, and it is now the largest apparel brand in the United States to have launched on the web and its now become available in Australia thanks to their new delivery service. A great thing about the Man-tastic Gift Guide is that it is very organized and makes it easy to buy items based on what you or your man likes. For me I like classic preppy colours like navy, white or brown. With Bonobos’ Man-tastic Gift Guide its easy to find that special something. 

For more information make sure to check out the Bonobos website here.


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