Wednesday, January 29, 2014


So the last week or two have been a little hard with my beautiful baby cousin getting sick whilst on her first family holiday. It's always hard to hear about these types of situations when you are stuck on one side of the world and the other party are on the other side. But thankfully all is going well and my family have been great in keeping me updated on everything. One of the feelings that one experiences at times like these is homesickness and this feeling seems to creep up every so often whilst I am living in Australia. Its minimal for me, but there are those that suffer terribly. I am lucky in that I have my little list of things that make me feel better if I start to feel a little longing for the emerald isle. Check them out  below. 

Social & Personal is not only Ireland's premier fashion and society title but it's where I worked after a year living in London a few years back. The magazine has top notch fashion shoots, excellent interviews and the best society pages in the country. Perfect for checking out who's out and about on the Irish social scene. 

Image is another Irish magazine that is similar to Social & Personal however its a bit more high street compared to the luxury content that's found in Social & Personal. I really enjoy being able to get the magazine on my iPad but its never as good as the physical version, which for a magazine lover kills me. Luckily for me, I have great parents who send me a copy every so often in the post. 

Oh, give me a cup of tea over a latte any day, especially if its a cup of Barry's or Marks & Spencer's. My usual care package from my parents consists of tea bags, and lots of them. Enough to keep me going for a few months, Irish tea is far superior to that of Australian, which I find to be weak and lacking any real flavour. Harsh tea critic indeed.

Now, if you are going to have tea, you need to have something to go with it. Perhaps a few Marks & Spencer's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dunkers might do the trick. These bring me back to comfy nights in on the couch after a long day in the office with the fire going. Now they don't compare to the fresh cookies that can be found in the bakeries of each M&S store but they are bloody good. I just wonder if the new M&S stores coming to Australia will stock these beauties.

Breakfast is such a big deal here in Australia, much more so than Ireland. There's literally a new cafe opening every week here in Melbourne and believe me the list of where to try is growing daily. Back home people don't go out for breakfast, well not from what I remember. I hope that changes as its my favourite meal of the day. So much so, that when I heard that Clonakilty Black Pudding was to become available in Australia, I bought a stack of it the minute it hit the shelves. Served on toasted sourdough with baked, poached or scrambled eggs, its always a winner in my house and brings me back home each and every time.

Now… Australian television. Don't get me wrong, you guys have some cracking TV shows like My Kitchen Rules, Masterchef and Offspring but there is something so nice about being able to catch up on some Irish television every so often thanks to the RTE Player. There are a few good shows available on the app but I would love to be able to get more shows such as the latest drama Amber, which lots of people were talking about online. I was delighted to have the opportunity to watch the latest series of Celebrity Apprentice Ireland with Caroline Downey acting as the new boss. It was a great series and I was thankful to the guy who uploaded each episode onto YouTube. And Mrs Browns Boys, how could you not love seeing this become a smash hit in Australia.

I spend alot of time online, I need to what with working within the media industry and I love the way that the internet has brought the world closer. Living so far away, the odd Skype session is a fantastic way to keep in contact with friends and family but there is a wealth of websites and blogs that transport me home each and every day. These range from social blogs like Social Dublin to foodie blogs such as Lovin' Dublin and my current favourite French Foodie In Dublin. What Ireland lacks is a good fashion blog, I would love to see an Irish equivalent to Liberty London Girl or Disney Roller Girl but I'm yet to find one, so blogs like Image Daily, The Gloss and The Irish Times Life & Style section will suffice.

These are just a few of the things that make me feel content when I am thinking of home. I'd love to hear what makes you feel the same when the homesickness kicks in.


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