Sunday, January 26, 2014


There really isn't anything better than a bank holiday weekend, especially when the weather is as good as it was yesterday. Sunday was Australia Day and in Melbourne, a large group of friends spent the day at Flemington Race Course for Avicii, the hugely successful DJ. For me there really isn't anything worse than standing in the blistering heat for several hours listening to music that doesn't appeal, so I made my way to South Melbourne Markets for an afternoon stroll to check out what was happening in the area. It had been a long time since I had been there so it was good to check out some of my favourite stores such as Nest, who stock a wide range of Aesop products and the Coventry Street Bookstore where I am guaranteed to find at least one coffee table book to add to the long wish list I already have. This trip I came across Brooklyn Design. Check it out, its great.

One spot that I hadn't been to in a long long time was Chez Dre, it was a firm favourite of mine when I first discovered it but since then it's become such a hit, its always been a painful experience to go, since the wait for a table can be anything up to an hour. This Australia Day was a little better, tables were aplenty and the service quick.

Since I had put myself through four gym classes this weekend I thought I would treat myself to one of their signature pastries, the pecan cinnamon crunch swirl. The sweet pastry was filled with pecans and topped off with a sugary cinnamon topping which formed a delicious crust. It arrived alongside a latte, which for me was a little weak. It may just be me, but I love a strong latte - something with a bit of body.

Afterwards, I took a trip around the market checking out the food stalls and produce on offer. I picked up some sweet white peaches for dinner that night (roasted peaches with organic yogurt is my dessert of choice these days) and headed home to rustle up something tasty for my night of blissful solitude. Picking up some rosemary foccocia from my local Thomas Dux, I whipped up some sweet potato wedges and a cracking toasted sandwich with streaky bacon, avocado, onion, tomato, aioli and some left over coriander and chilli pesto from the night before.

With "Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf's" on the box, it was the perfect evening in. 


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