Saturday, March 29, 2014


Last week I was delighted to be invited to several VAMFF (Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival) events that took place in the city. Usually after a long hard day in the office I drag myself home (with the odd trip to the gym) but last week being a lover of fashion, I wasn't going to miss out on a few nights out with some friends.

Due to some prior commitments I wasn't able to attend the first two nights of the festival but caught up with friends, media peeps and the beautiful people in the Docklands for Runway 3 which was hosted by Frankie magazine on Wednesday evening. News Australia had kindly invited me there for the evening and we started off by visiting The Runway Bar for a few glasses of champagne, some nibbles and our own little game of fashion police. I tend to stay away from the current trends (I rarely pull them off well - best to stick to what you do best I suppose) however I was right on trend it seems that night. I wore a black sweater type top with black leather paneling and I saw similar style tops, dresses and pants on several others throughout the night.

We made our way into the main runway show around 9pm and were escorted to our box which was right at the end of the runway. It was rather exciting to sit next to the photographers, I love nothing more than the hustle and bustle of events like these. Our box was fully catered with nibbles, drinks and our own personal server to look after us for the evening. The show itself was rather impressive. Unlike other fashion shows, each runway show at VAMFF is a collection of designers who show together in a 30min presentation. Alpha 60 for me was the standout winner on Wednesday evening. The others such as Gorman, were a little less exciting. I'm thinking I might need to inspect that brand a little more.

Thursday night started a little earlier than the night before. After putting in a full day at the office, I made my way down to the Docklands for a 7pm start to attend the oOh! Media party which was being held on a boat right next to the venue. The party took place at the same time as the first runway show so it was a perfect opportunity to people watch whilst I mingled with some friends. The oOh! Media guys always put on a cracking party and this time it was no different. There was a huge range of canapes such as croquettes, soba noodle salad, wild mushroom tartlets and mini Peri Peri chicken burgers floating around and boy were they needed. The start time of the second runway show is usually 9.30pm, however there is usually a delay meaning you sit there for at least another 30mins wondering what the hell is going on.

Being perfectly honest I didn't enjoy the second show as much as I had hoped. I felt each of the brands showed the same sort of thing over and over again and I spent my time checking out the style of the opposite rows. They were much more exciting. 

And that folks was another year of Melbourne Fashion Festival. Until next year. 


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