Thursday, March 13, 2014


With all the madness at the agency, my recent work trip to Sydney, the long Labor Day weekend in Sorrento and everything else, I haven't had the opportunity to post much about my recent trip to Sydney. I decided to stay in Sydney after a national get together for our Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne offices and I, along with five others from the agency decided to book our own private suite at the ultra glamorous Base hostel on Kent Street. I'm no prima donna so I welcome the opportunity to stay somewhere cheap, especially when its a hostel like Base (which is clean and well equipped). The weekend in Sydney was for me an opportunity to explore the city and its many suburbs a little more. I relish any chance to get to Sydney and having the opportunity to visit the many cafes and stores I had seen on Instagram or other blogs was really exciting.

Work officially finished on the Thursday night and grabbing an early night in our hotel in North Sydney, I awoke from my sleep at around 6am eager to get my stuff and I out the door nice and early so I could hit the city and find somewhere good for coffee. After jumping on the train from North Sydney to Town Hall, I made a complete show of myself slipping off the pavement onto the street exiting the train station.

Not that anyone around me cared, I thankfully didn't get run over by a car. Hobbling my way towards Darlinghurst, I stopped off at Fragrance Coffee on the corner of Crown and Liverpool for a coffee (or two) as it was lashing rain and my Longchamp Boxford travel bag was digging into my shoulder it was so heavy, it was great coffee and the staff were amazing. I had made plans with a few of my work colleagues to meet for breakfast at Bill Granger's very successful Darlinghurst cafe, Bills later that morning.

I've had the pleasure of eating at Bills numerous times and for me its always on my list of places to hit when I'm in Sydney. I arrived a little bit before the rest and chilled out with another coffee, the fruit and bran muffin and the debut issue of Porter Magazine. I was in heaven. 

Once the rest arrived, we moved to a beautiful table at the back of the building with nice views across Liverpool Street and the growing crowd outside waiting for tables. With three coffees before 11am, I ordered the sunrise smoothie whilst the others ordered lattes and soy mochas. Those with a sweet tooth need to order a mocha at Bills. Its made with real chocolate buttons, which all sit at the bottom slowly melting, leaving the perfect mound of molten chocolate. Perfect for dredging with your teaspoon. 

Most of us ordered differently, making sure everyone had a little bit of each dish. It's the best way to experience Bills in my opinion. I ordered the ricotta hotcakes with banana and honeycomb butter. Abi ordered the sweetcorn fritters with bacon, Kalan ordered the scrambled eggs with sourdough, roast tomato and bacon. Jarvis and Anne ordered the zucchini fritters with deep fried egg and Tara ordered the toasted rye with fried egg, avocado, lime and coriander. 

                                                   I needn't have worried about anyone not liking their food, Bills always delivers and in the short time I was in Sydney I made sure to check out the Surry Hills branch before we flew back to Melbourne. More on that soon folks. 


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