Saturday, March 15, 2014


I think anyone who comes to Melbourne from abroad learns to appreciate and love food more. Melbourne is a constant hub of culinary action and there isn't a weekend where a new cafe, bar or restaurant opens up. I would like to think I am on top of the Melbourne food scene but pop me snack bang into the middle of Sydney and well, I would be pretty lost. I know the usual suspects but there is a  whole new world of cafes, bars and restaurants opening up, trying to give Melbourne a run for its money and they are completely foreign to me. One restaurant thats been on my radar for a long time now, and one I was definitely not going to miss out on during my recent trip to Sydney was Chiswick in Woollahra. 

I first came across Chiswick through a few sources, firstly through Matt Moran's multiple appearances on Masterchef Australia, through lots and lots of delicious food posts on Instagram and through finally friends living in Sydney. I decided to book a last minute table for myself and eight friends the Friday evening I was in Sydney. This was the same day as our breakfast at Bills in Darlinghurst, and having not had any lunch we were pretty hungry. A friend had told me to try and get to the restaurant before the sun went down to get a good view of the gardens and as you can see above, its a wonderful setting for a city based restaurant. There was a great atmosphere in the restaurant when we arrived and it got even better when some Sydney based friends arrived for a good catch up.


We began the meal with the oregano, garlic wood fired bread shared amongst the table. It was light and the flavours subtle, however I would have loved it to have been a little crispier. Delicious nonetheless. We decided to order three share dishes and a mixture of sides for the table and truthfully we got it one hundred percent right. It was the perfect amount of food for the table.


We couldn't resist ordering the wood roasted Moran family lamb with carrots, pumpkin, yogurt and mint. Its a showstopper of a dish and the best dish I've had in the last three years living in Australia. Along with the lamb we ordered the whole roasted chicken with turnips, kale & gremolata and the fish and prawn tagine with saffron cous cous. To finish off the main course we ordered hand cut fries with lemon thyme aioli and steamed greens with lemon and olive oil.

With the main course hitting the spot, there was really no need for dessert but being an out of towner and afraid of missing out on another trip to Chiswick, Abi and myself decided to order the caramelised fig tart with almond and fig leaf ice cream. The pastry was light and crispy, the figs plump and juicy and the ice cream smooth and creamy. It was definitely the right choice. The entire meal was exceptional and I couldn't fault a single thing. This is one restaurant that I would highly recommend visiting if in the Sydney area. We ended the evening with a trip to the Woollahra Hotel for a few quiet drinks before heading back to the city. I opted for an early night whilst the others decided to hit the town. Judging by the hangovers the next day. I think I made the right choice.

65 Ocean Street
NSW 2025


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