Saturday, June 14, 2014


Last Monday we were treated to a bank holiday thanks to the Queens birthday and Kevin, our friend Sarah and I decided to catch up and walk the "Thousand Steps" which is a Sunday tradition for many a Melburnian. We started the morning off at Station Street Trading Company in Port Melbourne for a bit of breakfast and to catch up on some Broadsheet reading. I opted for an almond milk latte and mushrooms on toast with a poached egg but both were really not to my liking. I've only had almond milk lattes at Station Street and the last one I had was nice but the latest was far too sweet for my liking. The mushrooms on toast were bland and I had to heap the salt and pepper on there to give it any real flavour. The take away granola slice more than made up for it though. I don't think I've ever tasted a nicer granola slice than theirs. Butter, golden syrup or honey. Whatever it is they use, its delicious. 

Picking up Sarah on the way to Mount Dandenong, it was great to catch and have a laugh. Its always guaranteed as we all have a similar sense of humour. As I mentioned above, the steps are a tradition for many a Melburnian so trying to find a car space was pretty much impossible among the Sunday drivers. Eventually we found one, after many a suggestion from Kevin that I should manifest one - due to my recent love of The Secret

The first time we attempted the steps it was daunting, we really didn't know what we were getting ourselves into but by the time we got up to the top we were thinking to ourselves hey that wasn't so bad. That was until we made our way back down the steep muddy path. Oh the fear of falling on your ass. The walk towards the bottom of the steps passes many a barbecue site and at midday the waft of burgers, sausages and food is torturous especially if one is there to do some serious work. The thoughts of food were long forgotten after just a few steps. Whilst Kevin and Sarah took their time to make their way up, I crazily decided to keep up with a young teenager who was running the steps, two at a time. By the time I got to the top, I was sweating profusely and in need of a sit down.

When the others arrived at the top we made our way back down the steep path, which for me is always worse than the journey up. The fear of slipping on my ass, means that one goes slow, very very slow. 

Arriving back to the car in one piece, we decided to visit the nearby village of Sassafras and grab a cup of tea, and maybe a sweet treat or two. With it being a bank holiday and all, the queues to get into any of the cafes were huge. We ended up at Cafe de Beaumarchais ordering fresh warm baguettes, filled with cheese, salami and pesto. Washed down with multiple cups of boiling hot strong tea. 

There might have been a few sweet treats too, but that would be telling. 


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