Sunday, June 8, 2014


I've been blogging for quite some time now and I've thoroughly enjoyed every single moment I have put into Wintour&Guinness, especially getting to meet some wonderful people through the blog over the years. I remember all those years back coming across Liberty London Girl and instantly being transported to a different place and time. Here was someone who I had never met, yet I felt so eager to catch up with LLG every single day to see what was happening. Even to this day, sitting at my desk at 5.30pm seeing that email come through with more LLG adventures - it excites me like nothing else.

There really hasn't been a blogger that's captivated me quite like that before and I think its because most blogs and their creators narrow themselves, boxing themselves into a specific niche and what I love about Sasha's work is that she just talks about anything and everything. Whether its her family situation, fighting for social justice on behalf of her sister, creating the ultimate Victoria sponge or simply just describing the perfect English countryside weekend away - you can always count on LLG for a superb read.

So image my excitement when Sasha's new book was unveiled last week. On September 25th Friends, Food, Family: Notes and Secrets from Liberty London Girl will be released and I for one already have it on pre-order.  

Sasha has written the entire book herself and worked with photographer Lisa Linder on the beautiful imagery throughout. Ninety per cent of the shots were taken in her Camden flat and regular readers will recognise some of the recipes from the website. I'm absolutely delighted to see this book come out and I hope you all get down to your local bookshops on September 25th and help make this a roaring success. 

To pre-order your copy of Friends, Family, Food: Notes and Secrets from Liberty London Girl make sure to check out Book Depository and Amazon today.


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