Sunday, July 13, 2014


So I went to Geelong for a weekend with some friends not too long ago. I had meant to write about it sooner but for some reason the piece never materialised and the photos I had taken got pushed to the back of the metaphorical pile on my laptop. Now that I have a little time off and I am able to steal a few moments away, I thought I should finally get something up about the trip and specifically our visit to Little Creatures Brewery

A few months back in December I wrote about my trip to Perth and specifically the Little Creatures Brewery in Fremantle. It was one of the most amazing foodie places I had been in Australia and I, along with the others thoroughly enjoyed our visit. 

The group had been staying south of Fremantle in an area called Dunsborough for a few days and whilst making our way back to Perth, we decided to take a drive into Fremantle and check out the pier and its many cafes, bars and restaurants. With Little Creatures being such a Fremantle 'Freo" institution we made our way there after a walk of the surrounding area, luckily finding a spot right beside the open pizza bar. I found it hard to articulate just how big the place was when I wrote about it, the building was absolutely enormous and extremely busy. Just how I like my restaurants. 
Moving back to the recent trip, we jumped in our car early that Saturday morning, tacking a pit stop at Seven:AM cafe in Port Melbourne for coffees, eggs and pancakes before jumping on the Westgate Bridge. The drive to Geelong is quite short and with a group of guys cracking jokes and sharing stories it felt like an even shorter trip. We decided to take a walk around the city before checking into our hotel and although Geelong is considered a city, its very small. Taking a quick trip through the main shopping strip, we then moved onto the hotel where we checked in, had a quick freshen up and then made our way to Little Creatures. 

Taking a short ten to fifteen minute stroll from the hotel, we eventually arrived at the brewery. It was a little outside the main CBD area but sometimes that's a great thing in my book. It was a calm, fresh kind of day so we made our way through the winding entrance, following the yellow path towards the outside dining area but after playing musical chairs for a few moments we decided on a huge booth just inside the front door. Perfect for checking out fellow diners and the space itself. The first thing we did after ordering our first round of drinks was sign ourselves up for the free brewery tour & tasting which happens throughout the day. For someone like me who doesn't drink beer, I was still looking forward to learning exactly how its produced and distributed. 

As the tour was a few hours away we decided to have some lunch to tie us over. Yes, this may be a brewery but its also a damn fine eatery too. The food for me outshines the drink but I am confident the others would disagree with me there. I had been to the Fitzroy Dining Hall as well as the Fremantle brewery and that too was a super spot for food. I'm actually off there today with my folks after our trip to the footy. 

The entire table ordered little plates of this and that and as soon as they came, they were gone so getting a photo of each dish was pretty hard. But I got a few nonetheless. Kevin and I started off with the fresh cut chips with garlic aioli. Superb. They are consistently the best fries in Australia hands down. Its so hard to find good chips (or fries as they call them here) in Australia as so many places here are lazy and use frozen chips. Even top restaurants are known to do this. Slightly baffling I know. 

We followed this with the ribs and a pumpkin, spinach, dukkah and goats cheese pizza. The ribs were nice and charred on the outside with a beautiful smokey flavour, perfect finger food and kind of like a meat lollipop. The pizza was nice but nothing to write home about if I am being honest. The base was thicker than the traditional Italian style that I prefer and the toppings were a little bland, but I think that's just me. I think if I was to go down the pizza route again I would order a meat based pizza instead. 

While the others decided to try out some of the beers available, I decided to finish off with the doughnuts. The doughnuts came out nice and warm accompanied with a creamy lemon curb dipping sauce. Along with a strong coffee, this was the perfect way to end what was, overall a great meal. 

Before heading back to the hotel, we took the brewery tour with a small group of people. Led around by one of the brewers, we went through the entire process front start to finish. In the end we finished our visit to Little Creatures Geelong with a little beer tasting and a lot of fun trying to find our way back to the hotel. Definitely one to check out. 

Little Creatures Geelong 
Corner Fyans & Swanston Street,
Telephone: (03) 5202 4009


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