Thursday, August 14, 2014


On Tuesday evening I jumped into bed with the worst headache I’ve had in a very long time. Combine that with aches and pains all over, cold sweats and a complete loss of appetite and you have someone who ends up buried in their bed for a few days of hibernation.

This week has gone by like a flash and why wouldn’t it when I’ve spent the majority of it lying in bed. Feeling slightly better today with a bit more energy, I thought I would recap my Tuesday evening events prior to jumping into bed. You see, I got to visit the new Dion Lee flagship store at the Emporium Melbourne and with it being his first stand alone retail space in Melbourne, it was an occasion not to be missed for few designers have made as big an impact on the Australian industry as Dion Lee.

Working with Kelvin Ho once again (Lee worked with Ho on his beautiful Strand Arcade boutique in Sydney), the new space is all mirrors, chrome fixtures, concrete flooring and high ceilings. Everything about the store perfectly marries with the DNA of the Dion Lee brand and that is why this chap is one of the most celebrated fashion designers within Australia.

There were endless bottles of Laurent-Perrier Champagne and San Pellegrino sparkling water on hand and the crowd which included the likes of Fashion Bloggers Nadia Bartel and Jasmin Howell, were dressed in a sea of leather, funky designer trainers and black; lots and lots of black clothing. That shouldn’t be too surprising, this is Melbourne after all.

I had invited my friend Allison along to the event and with the impressive crowd that filled the space we didn’t get a chance to check out the clothes that much as we were confined to the one spot pretty much for the entire night, but before leaving we did do a quick run around and loved what was on show. Bright orange, neon yellow and electric blue colours could be seen in a lot of the pieces, along with the most beautiful white leather jacket which stood out amongst everything else. It featured a leather strap lacing detail in the back which was exquisite.

But nothing was more impressive to me that night than the leather biker that Mr Lee was wearing himself…Dion, if you happen to read this, let me know where you got it. It was sensational.

For more information on the Dion Lee Site 02 check out the Dion Lee website here.


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