Wednesday, August 27, 2014


A little while back I ventured north to Queensland’s Gold Coast region for a little break from the Melbourne chill. I have some family up there and I’ve posted a few times about some of the places I’ve visited there such as the QT Hotel or the incredible Palazzo Versace, both of which I’ve stayed at. I love getting up to Queensland every year as there are some incredible beaches, cafes, bars and restaurants up and hey who doesn't love coming back to Melbourne with a little bit of a Gold Coast tan.

Although I am known to splurge every so often, I try and keep my food as good as I can. Its not always possible as I have the worlds biggest sweet tooth but when I do muster up that little bit of strength to resist the bad stuff - I do feel rather pleased with myself.

Eating well is made very easy when you have the likes of BSKT Cafe around. First of all the cafe is roughly a thirty to forty minutes walk south of Surfers Paradise. I know because Kevin and I made the journey one gorgeous morning along the beach. The beaches up there are just incredible and its an absolute pleasure walking all the way to Nobbys Beach when you get to look at some amazing properties overlooking the water. All shapes and sizes, in every style imaginable – a walk to BSKT from Surfers will leave you wanting to live on the oceanfront.

Located at 4 Lavarack Road, the cafe is a magnet for those wanting to live a clean & healthy lifestyle. Everything about the cafe was sensational, the floors were beautiful polished concrete and the tables which extended out of the main dining area to the exterior of the building and the courtyard at the back of the building were like everything else – the very best quality. No expense, it seems was spared in the building of this place.

To its owners, BSKT is about fueling a food and health revolution using the highest quality foods available. With a visit to their cafe, they hope to improve not only the quality of food you consume but enrich the body and mind through the exercise and educational services they provide. Their mission is to make their customers healthier through cutting-edge foods that use the highest quality, nutrient-rich, organic ingredients. They combine this with delivering the very best in exercise teachings and their hope is to create an army of healthy, productive, creative and inspired humans. 

The menu offers everything from green goji salad to DIY fresh spring rolls and everything is prepared in the cleanest, healthiest way possible. I decided to order the Super Berry Pancakes, whilst Kevin opted for the Navajo Native Breakfast. The pancakes were made up of organic maqui by BSKT infused pancakes, hinterland honey, coconut crunch, crushed local macadamias and was dusted with cacao powder. The dish was delicious and unlike generic cafe pancakes, they felt indulgent without that horrible doughy bloated feeling one has afterwards. The hinterland honey and the coconut crunch gave the dish a lovely sweetness, which was perfectly balanced by the cacao powder, which was lightly dusted over the dish.

Kevin’s dish was equally as good. The Navajo Native Breakfast was made up of fried free-range eggs, BSKT beans, avocado and tomato salsa with basil essential oil on native bread. If that wasn’t enough, a side of forest mushrooms was ordered making this one hell of a dish.

The cafe offers a huge selection of coffees, teas, juices and smoothies too and we made sure to check out some of their offerings alongside our meals. With an emphasis on cutting edge health its no surprise that one of their smoothies was inspired by Australian supermodel and nutritional health nut Miranda Kerr. Made up of coconut sorbet, almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, coconut oil, honey, cinnamon and almond milk, its packed full of goodness and really is the perfect morning smoothie. The morning we visited I opted for the Cyclist smoothie, which was made up of blueberries, lemon, banana, coconut water and vanilla protein. It was sensational.

As I sat there, looking out at the beach I really took it in and appreciated everything that BSKT was. We don’t have anything similar to BSKT down here in Melbourne, but I am hopeful that something as special as this place makes its way to the culinary capital of Australia soon. 

For more information check out BSKT Cafes website here


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