Thursday, November 20, 2014


Every so often there is a café that takes your breath away, that makes you question everything you thought you knew about food, coffee and cafe design. Now, you may think that I am over aggregating slightly but it’s the complete honest truth when it comes to Industry Beans in Fitzroy. Apart from one other trip there a few months back, my latest outing left me so inspired that I immediately knew that Industry Beans was up there with the top cafes in Melbourne, hands down. The warehouse space was transformed by two brothers into something quite magical, that offers everything from a lively cafe, a roastery, to an upstairs cupping lab and expert coffee training facilities.

We made our way to the cafe around lunchtime on a Saturday and as expected there was a group of eager brunch lovers hanging around waiting for tables. In hindsight compared to the waiting times of lets say, The Kettle Black, Tall Timber or The Stable Of Como - a quick wait of ten minutes was pretty darn impressive. The cafe is constantly busy, staff whizzing around, diners buzzing on coffee and its with good reason. We sat on the communal table in between two groups of people, which was super as we got to see a tonne of items from the cafes new Spring menu. As the plates dropped, one by one, the dishes that arrived to my neighbours got better and better. This place is brunch, fine dining style. 

Whenever there is black pudding mentioned on a menu, I am instantly hooked. It never hits the highs of my good old Clonakilty from back home in Ireland but I always go in, ever hopeful. The Spring 14 menu is fantastic, starting off with a selection of tapas dishes and finishing with a selection of all day menu items that cater for all types. I opted for poached eggs on sourdough, kasundi sauce and a side of the black pudding. The black pudding came with roasted apple, fennel and a beetroot relish. It was delicious. Not too fatty, the roasted apple was sensational against the puddings deep rich flavour. You guys did pretty good, Industry Beans. As I said, delicious. 

Everything about my eggs were perfect. I like my eggs done well, which means no runny yolks or translucent egg whites at all. Along with the sourdough and the kasundi sauce - it was just executed perfectly. Sometimes, the simplist things in life done perfectly are the best. I already have trip number three planned for next weekend and when I get there, I plan on trying a little bit more from this amazing establishment. 

Industry Beans
3/62 Rose Street
Fitzroy, VIC 3065


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