Monday, December 22, 2014


You may have picked up from my last post that very soon the setting for Wintour&Guinness will be changing. Its something that I had been keeping to myself for some weeks now and rather than make a big song and dance of it, I thought best to continue my exploration and showcasing of Melbourne and all the wonderful things that make this city so incredible. 

To be completely honest with you all, the last four years in Melbourne have been some of the most challenging, exhilarating and rewarding years of my life. I feel that I have learned more about myself in the last four years living in this wonderful city than I ever did for the previous twenty-four and I leave this beautiful place with alot of great memories, some amazing friends and this city taking up a huge piece of my heart.

That said, last week saw the end of my time at the media communications agency I worked at. I had been there for three years and my last day just happened to fall on the agencies Christmas party which was perfect timing since it took alot of the focus off my leaving and put alot of focus on all the people in fancy dress. The theme for this year was Mad Men, which originally didn't sit well for me as  the weather for this time of the year can reach the late thirties and sitting outside in a suit can be a little uncomfortable to say the least. But in the end it was a great theme and I enjoyed the whole dressing up part of the day.

We started the afternoon off with a few nice words from a few of the agency wishing me well on my impending travels, offering the most beautiful gift (a Louis Vuitton card holder) and a beautifully catered lunch in the office comprising of various roast meats, poached salmon, a selection of salads and freshly baked breads. This was followed by a selection of desserts such as chocolate mouse with toasted marshmallow, strawberry shortcake and lemon mouse. Oh, and about two dozen bottles of Moet & Chandon. It is Christmas after all. 

Jumping onto a coach, we all made our way to Brunswick Bowls Club for the afternoon before jumping back on said coach and making our way to The Everleigh on Gertrude Street in Fitzroy. I had been meaning to visit this place for a long long time and luckily I was able to scratch this one off the list before I left. Gin gimlets and Negroni were offered by servers upon arrival and as we sat down for a rest after the bowls large cheese platters were dropped off.

Later in the evening, the awards for best dressed were announced and I was thrilled to be part of the top three guys. I was wearing a lovely pair of black skinny chinos, a classic white shirt, a dickie bow tie, a killer blazer from Marcs Clothing and a pair of glasses to complete the look. Unfortunately I didn't win the contest but nonetheless it was still a beautiful evening.


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