Tuesday, March 17, 2015


So whilst Kevin works most weekends, I am left to my own devices really, eager to run around the city uncovering all of Dublin's hidden fashion, brunch and coffee gems. Living in Ranelagh and being so close to the city, I like to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main city area most weekends - especially since I spend the majority of my week there. I hadn't realised just how close Donnybrook was to Ranelagh, until a week or two after I moved into the area. Not too long ago I took a trip down Marlborough Road and came out just beside Donnybrook Fair. I had heard some amazing things about Donnybrook Fair and everyone was right; it really is more than just a local shop. Full of delicious fresh breads, baked goods and freshly made meals - I could do my weekly shop in there happily. 

I took a quick trip around the shop before I made my way up the street towards Bakers. Bakers had been on my list for a a while now and having spent the last year in Melbourne keeping my eyes out for all the main brunch and coffee spots in Dublin - this suburban sanctuary was exactly what I needed on that Saturday morning. Multiple magazines tucked under my arm and a few days into a paleo-inspired diet I was eager to see if Bakers were able to accommodate for this guys rather demanding ways. 

I tend to get up rather early at the weekends, eager to get up and get going. So when I got to Bakers it was thankfully before the crazy breakfast rush that quickly developed shortly after I arrived. I started the day off with an Americano (or a long black for my Australian friends). Usually I am a latte drinker however I was off milk during that time. It wasn't too much of a struggle to give up milk considering I was doing so to see if it made any difference to the eczema I developed last year. Looking through the menu, I eventually decided on the Superfood salad. Roast butternut squash, beetroot, candied walnuts, pine nuts and blueberries sitting on a bed of fresh crunchy spinach. The salad usually comes with house dressing however I decided to ditch the dressing, opting for a side of olive oil. The salad was nice, however it lacked that vital something that would have given it a great big punch of flavour. At ten euro fifty, its not a cheap salad and a few blueberries a Superfood salad does not make - it needed some form of a protein in my opinion. I ended the meal with a peppermint tea which was recommended to me by the waiter. It was beautifully light and perfect for that cold winters morning flicking through the latest issues of British Harper's BAZAAR and Vogue. 

Bakers is a great spot. The food looks beautiful, the coffee is great and the cafe itself is one of the most inspired I have come across since I've moved back to Dublin. Given that I was on a very strict diet at the time of visiting I have to say I don't feel like I've had the chance to get a real taste of what these guys do and because of that I intend on visiting the place again very soon. 

The Crescent
Dublin 4
Website: www.bakers.ie


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