Sunday, March 15, 2015


Throughout the last year or two, reading up about the flourishing food scene in Dublin - there was one area in particular that kept cropping up time and time again. I knew Ranelagh well since some very good friends of mine lived there and when the opportunity to live there came up when we moved back to Ireland late last December we jumped at the chance. Last week it was Kevin's birthday and rather than head into the city and try out one of the newer, flashier establishments that everyone was talking about - I decided to book a table at The Butcher Grill. Owned by the same team behind 777, Dillinger's and Super Miss Sue; I'd been to The Butcher Grill a few years back and I found it a lot better than Dillinger's, both in terms of the quality of the dishes and the overall value for money.
I had kept the fact we were going to the Butcher Grill a secret from Kevin and thankfully it paid off as he had had The Butcher Grill on his to-go-to-list for a few weeks. The place itself is quite small, however for what it lacks in space it makes up for in warmth, character and romance. We started the meal off with two glasses of Prosecco, our mouths watering as we ran our eyes over the menu. Our waiter brought us through the menu, the specials of the day and when the mention of an Australian striploin was uttered I knew exactly what I was going to have that evening. Kevin started off with the seared tuna tostados which came with avocado salsa, chipotle mayo and crispy onions. These would not typically be a dish I would order myself but after once crunchy bite of that tostado; I'm hooked.  
I ordered the hand cut beef tartare with caper jam, quail egg and toast. I hadn't had steak tartare anywhere before so this was a new experience for me. The dish itself is presented beautifully and after once carefully curated piece, with enough of everything on that light crispy piece of toasted bread; I knew that this was a dish that would quickly rise to the top of the best dishes I'd ever had. Where had this dish been all my life and why didnt everything in life taste this good. I could have eaten another plate of this - it was that incredible. 
Main course consisted of that piece of Australian sirloin, cooked beautifully to medium rare and was accompanied by sautéed spinach, caramelised red onions and a side of cauliflower cheese. Kevin ordered the barbecue back ribs with coleslaw and a side of fries. We both had a bit of each others dishes and well they were faultless really - there was nothing we could pick out. No complaints. We'll that's a first for us two if I'm being honest.

Ending the meal, we decided to share the banana fritters with salted caramel ice cream and cookie crumb. And good thing we decided to share, for this was one of the most decadent, richest and definitely tastiest desserts I had had in a long time. 

Overall, The Butcher Grill is that perfect neighbourhood haunt that you can always rely on for great quality food, excellent customer service and what was even better was that there was no need for a taxi home, sure its just around the corner. Now thats my kind of night out. 

The Butcher Grill
92 Ranelagh Village
Dublin 6
Tel: (01) 498 18 05


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