Thursday, April 30, 2015


The Fumbally is the culmination of 4 years of cooking, travelling, working at festivals, gathering ideas, arguing those ideas, making mistakes, making new friends, finally realising those ideas, having lots of dinners, tasting new things, building a kitchen and seeing what will happen.
Some of us have been working in kitchens all our lives, others haven’t, but we all have a love for food, good coffee and the simple pleasure of sharing a meal with friends.

I don't think I could think of a better way to sum up The Fumbally than exactly how it is presented above. This is taken from their website, from the owners themselves and evokes perfectly what their ambitions are with the business.

I had the pleasure of being off last Tuesday, with tickets to attend Lovin' Dublin's Food Connect in the afternoon at The Button Factory. It was a great afternoon of talks by some of the leading chefs, entrepreneurs and foodies within Ireland and before making our way there; Kevin and I decided to take a quick potter around Dublin 6 & 8 since it was such a beautiful sunny day.

We headed towards Noshington for a bite to eat after having a quick browse of their menu on their website and despite the superb exterior of the cafe when we rocked up; the minute we walked in both Kevin and I took a quick look around and decided to walk out. Having lived in Melbourne for the last four years we have eaten in some of the most incredible cafes where the design of the cafe is just as important as the food they serve. The shell of Noshington was superb and something magical could have been done to the space inside, but it just lacked that personality which could be seen on its exterior. With that we decided to head to The Fumbally instead, walking through the narrow tree lined streets of cottages until we found our way there.

The last time I had been to The Fumbally I wasn't too impressed and thats not due to the place itself but rather the massive swarms of people that descended on the cafe on the particular day I tried it. The space itself is fantastic, the rebirth of a space that was created during the height of the Celtic Tiger and now repurposed for those that like great food, at great prices and most importantly superb coffee.

Grabbing a seat at the end go the giant communal table we ordered some breakfast, coffees and a sweet rhubarb and kefir beverage for myself. Whats most reassuring about the food at The Fumbally is that they use fresh produce that is housed along one of the walls. Crates and boxes of fresh tomatoes, butternut squash, avocados and herbs are picked at throughout our time there by the chefs and this freshness is evident within the food when it arrives.

I decided to order the avocado on sourdough with picked red cabbage, toasted seeds and popped amaranth. Overall I liked the dish however I wasn't too happy with the red cabbage. No fault on their part, it just isn't something I'd pick again - the red cabbage that is.

Kevin ordered the Fumbally Eggs which is made up of scrambled eggs, Gubbeen cheese, garlic, tomatoes and all served on a piece of toasted brioche. Questioning the man himself on if he was happy with his choice; I got two thumbs up. What I like most about this place apart from the quality of the food is the prices. Everything is so well priced that one could grab some breakfast, a coffee and maybe a small treat and not spend over a tenner.

Talk about wonderful value for money. I can't wait to get back.

The Fumbally Cafe
Fumbally Lane
Dublin 8 


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