Thursday, June 25, 2015


God I feel rough at the moment. The Christmas binge seems to have stretched to the middle of the year and now with the summer here, I find myself asking what the hell was I thinking eating all those Marks & Spencer's cookies over the last few months. My former life in Australia was one of constant improvement. I was a constant work in progress and despite all the eating and gluttony I experienced over those four years I really made the effort to include regular exercise and the sporadic bout of restraint when it came to eating badly.

Over the last few weeks I have been checking out some of the best healthy snacks, brands and stores here in Dublin and I wanted to share these with you as I’ve found them to be perfect for when I’m time poor and in need of something tasty and easily accessible.

Sprout & Co Juice:
Sprout & Co. juices, set up by friends Jack Kirwan and Alex Thompson; saw a gap in the market for premium cold pressed juice here in Ireland and have been seen in the hands of Elle Macpherson and Daisy Lowe to name but a few. Jack, who started as a chef at Avoca, came up with the idea after the opportunity came up to take over a concession at the store and Sprout & Co. was born. The brand aims to provide the most nutritionally dense, cold pressed juices and smoothies and I love grabbing a few bottles whenever I take a trip to Avoca or grabbing brunch at Bibi’s in Portobello. 

Green Beards Juicery:
Along with Sprout & Co., Green Beards is another one of my go to places for fresh cold pressed juices and smoothies. Located just around the corner from my home, in Ranelagh; these guys also offer a selection of health foods perfect for bringing home to make your own healthy concoctions. I’m a huge fan of their shop on Dunville Avenue and often go in for The Boss which is made up of cucumber, lettuce, parsley, spinach, chard, kale and wild nettle. Another one to check out is the The Healer. Perfect for the summer, this smoothie includes spirulina, young Thai coconut water, pineapple, mint, frozen banana, filtered water and lemon juice. Delicious and believe you me you will become addicted just like all my finds and I.

The Super Elixir:
Developed by co-founders Elle Macpherson and Andrea Bux, The Super Elixir is a highly specialised alkalising greens supplement with vitamins, minerals and trace elements to assist wellness and vitality. Containing a balanced blend of 45 powerful ingredients including biovailable alkalising super greens, Chinese herbs, digestive enzymes and members of the maitake mushroom family – all are carefully combined in calculated ratios by one of the world’s leading nutritional experts and disease prevention specialists, Dr Simone Laubscher. I’ve included this in my morning smoothies for a while now and having come to end of my batch – I’ll be grabbing another bag of this as soon as possible.

SuperLife Original Superfood:
This is a great combination of eight raw superfood's that really gives you an energy boost for the entire day. I use this every now and then instead of the The Super Elixir and it's great I believe for balancing sugar cravings, uplifting the mood, clearing the head, boosting metabolism and strengthening your immunity. It contains large amounts of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and other nutrients, all in natural plant form, and in a powder form for easy digestion and absorption and its beneficial before and after any form of physical activity, due to its high protein content.

The Happy Pear:
The team behind The Happy Pear want to live in the society that's happy, healthy & ethical and that really shows with the little haven that they have built in the beautiful seaside spot of Greystones in County Wicklow. For these guys, food is an amazing thing that connects people from different cultures and make communities lively and joyful; and that was evident to see when I finally took my first trip there earlier this week. Crowds of locals (and visitors from afar; like myself) could be seen interacting with the lovely staff and there was a real sense of passion behind everything going on. Together with the shop, online store, cafe, & the various courses they've created - you can see that they are trying to make healthy eating more mainstream & it certainly shows that they are succeeding with their book topping the bestsellers list over the last few months. Take the trip out and please, please make sure to grab a snickers slice for me. They're divine. 

Urban Health:
Located just beside the triangle in Ranelagh village, Urban Health is co-owned by a newly married couple Dee & Darragh Buckley who both have long standing backgrounds in sports, fitness and nutrition. Urban Health offers healthy breakfast and lunch choices, supplements, herbal tea's, organic coffee and a fresh juice bar which I've been checking out a fair bit over the last few months. Perfect for grabbing that S’more flavor Quest bar and bottle of coconut water mid-morning, this spot is the perfect addition to Ranelagh village.

Fallon & Byrne:
I've always been a huge fan of Fallon & Byrne and why wouldn't I be; what with that incredible selection of fruit, vegetables and baked goods that greet you upon entry. Its an absolute pleasure to pop in here any time of the day as the place is kept in fantastic condition and the staff are incredibly friendly and eager to help out with any questions or recommendations they may have. I've been picking up some of their super pre-made salads for when I am in a rush and I love nothing more than grabbing a table in the ground floor cafe and people watching or diving into the latest issue of my favourite magazines. 

The Hopsack:
One of Ireland’s longest running health stores, this Dublin gem was established in 1979 by Jimmy and Erica Murray and has since evolved to become one of Dublin’s best sources for organic, ethnic and special dietary foods. The shop is now run by the couples children and if you’ve had the chance to speak to any of the staff you will know that they are some of the nicest, most helpful people you can come across. I've been picking up my weekly staples there since I moved into the area in January and these include their own juices, smoothies and peanut butter which are all made on-site and absolutely incredible. Other bits I always pick up from here include coconut water and the Tartine sourdough seeded spelt bread they stock. A definite destination for anyone interested in cultivating a healthy lifestyle. 

Another great independently owned Irish health and beauty company, these guys sell everything from organic foods to ethically produced skin care and traditional herbal remedies. Founded the year I was born (that's 1986 for all of you) by Derek Kelly, over the last few years he's been joined by three of his children and they've grown from one store to six. The perfect spot to grab a healthy snack or  refreshing beverage when roaming the city, I can be found pottering their store in Donnybrook during the weekends looking for that perfect addition to my morning smoothie. 

If you have any spot in Dublin that you would like to share with me, make sure to shoot me an email or leave a comment on Instagram or Twitter


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