Wednesday, September 23, 2015


When I lived in Melbourne, I was really lucky to have had an apartment right next to the beach in Port Melbourne. It was a fantastic suburb to have lived in for four years and one of the best things about the area was the ease in which it took to get a great coffee. Places such as Seven:am, Balderdash and the French inspired patisserie Noisette were all next to our apartment, or a short stroll away and when you wake up on a weekend morning and desperately need a coffee; you don’t want to be having to venture far or even contemplate grabbing the car keys. That’s why when we moved home, we both decided that it was essential that we moved into an area that had everything we needed conveniently; especially a place serving great coffee. 

The first coffee shop that we happened to visit when we moved back to Ireland was Two Fifty Square Coffee and coincidentally its right next to where we currently live. I mean it’s a five-minute journey from my bed to the cafe and back. Could you think of anything better when it’s a cold autumnal day? The coffee itself is the winner here, its got great flavour and their baristas really know what they’re doing. Part of the enjoyment for me when grabbing a coffee is seeing the passion that goes into each and every cup and you certainly see that when watching the baristas here.

Food-wise, I have to be honest I've only tried the Baked Spanish Eggs (several times I might add) which are pictured above. For me its quite hard to find a really good baked eggs in Dublin as most don't really stick to the traditional method of cracking the eggs into the dish and popping it in the oven (a few places poach their eggs, place them on top of the sauce, crumble some cheese and bake for a few minutes). These guys do, and what you're presented with is a deliciously mild chorizo and tomato stew with two perfectly cooked eggs; which have a nice runny yolk perfect for dipping your bread into. Along with a smooth avocado mash and some sour cream, the only thing the dish really lacks is a decent slice of toasted bread if I'm being honest. What is usually presented is quite bland, cold and something like a tangy sourdough would be perfect for a dish like this. Just a thought!

Overall I think Two Fifty Square is one of the leaders when it comes to coffee in the Rathmines area  (and in Dublin too!) and it should definitely be on your list of places to check out during your next coffee crawl around Dublin. 

For more information make sure to check out Two Fifty Squares Facebook and Instagram


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